Amateurs Will Significantly Increase Their Distance
For More Greens And Lower Scores.

“Amateurs hit outside the center of the clubface approximately 50% of the time and with major brand metal woods always have a significant loss of distance which results in missed greens and higher scores,” says Kay McMahon, Hall of Fame teacher, PGA,  LPGA Teaching pro.

Approximately 43-59% of amateurs’ metal wood approach shots land short of the green (see  study of 6 million rounds below), which according to short game guru, Dave Pelz, results in a bogey or worse 80-90% of the time.

High Heat Golf

Observe the major brands’ very low trampoline values outside the center of the face. This also explains why amateurs are short on their metal woods’ approach shots approximately 50% of the time.

Then observe High Heat 257+ much higher trampoline values outside the center of the face. That’s why our 3-Trampoline Face Technology creates a sweet spot across the entire face. This explains why our customers are now reaching far more greens on their metal wood approach shots for lower scores.