High Heat’s crown with raised parabolic shapes adds strength to the entire body and effectiveness of the 3-trampoline face, improves the aerodynamic performance, and frames the line up mark.

Unlike High Heat’s built-in 3-Trampoline and Optimal CG Game Changer Technologies™, High Heat’s Outside Intelligence features are observable. They include the “parabolic” partially raised crown, the lineup mark, the “polished mirror” face, the premium shafts, and the overall appearance Knuth Golf provides.

High Heat’s crown has a unique and distinctive looking “parabolic” shaped raised crown.

This crown serves a very useful function in that its “parabolic” shape provides a superior aerodynamic feature that improves the way the air flows around the clubhead for increased ball speed. In addition, the “parabolic” shape adds an additional strength to the entire body and most importantly to the effectiveness of High Heat’s 3-Trampoline Technology. The “parabolic” shape front to back on the crown also aids in alignment.

High Heat’s unique line up mark aids in hitting the center of the face.

High Heat’s unique line up mark that is shown in the photo to the right was designed to aid the golfer to focus on hitting the ball in the center. Golfers love this feature as it is so helpful. The reason is that many amateurs cannot determine where the middle of the face is when looking down at the head. As a result, they often have the ball to the right or left of the middle of the face that contributes to hitting the club face on the toe or heel.

High Heat’s polished mirror face is a valuable training tool.

This feature leaves the impression of the ball exactly where the golfer hits it on the face. After every drive, the golfer can rub the face, so it will remove the last impression and will show the next impression on the next drive. This feature provides instant feedback that can help improve future swings. LINKS Magazine said that this feature is so valuable that it alone is worth the price of the driver.

High Heat’s polished mirror face is a valuable training tool.

Knuth Golf has selected Aldila and Fujikura’s premium shafts which optimize the performance of our High Heat’s engineered advantages. They also provide a great feel too.


High Heat’s overall appearance provides added confidence.

Golf writers have observed that golfers’ confidence about their clubs affect their performance. So, golf manufacturers are understandably concerned about their driver’s appearance and attempt to provide a pleasing look. This is why Knuth Golf has made High Heat to have one of the most pleasing look of any driver or metal wood on the market, with its distinctive overall look. The appearance is so strikingly beautiful it is easy to understand why golfers love it almost as much as they love High Heat’s longer distance, increased accuracy, and improved forgiveness.