Media And Teaching Pros Confirm
High Heat 257+ Delivers As Advertised

“My biggest discovery at the PGA Show was High Heat 257+ with its dazzling novel 3 Trampoline Technology that has more ball speed in the toe and heel areas than the sweet spot in the center of the face as permitted by the USGA 2016 Rule. The ball comes off so hot no matter where you hit it on the face.”
—Gary Van Sickle, President of Golf Writers Association of America, Morning Read

“HIGH HEAT 257+ changes the distance game with its unique construction across the face and its results are exhilarating. So, instead of playing with clubs with historically much lower trampoline effect outside the center of the face, amateurs should buy High Heat. They are a game changer and are the best clubs for low to high handicap golfers.”
—Vic Williams, Editor Golf Tips Magazine

“Based on our review of all new clubs, we recommend the driver and metal woods you should buy is High Heat’s 257+ which is the only brand to take advantage of a USGA Rule for significant distance increase on off-center hits where many of us make contact.”
—James Frank, Editor LINKS Magazine

“High Heat 257+ driver and metal woods are the best clubs we have ever tested in 25 years of our show. They have the best technology you can buy for better scoring, because amateur golfers hit all over the face and it is the only brand that takes advantage of the new USGA Rule which permits a greater trampoline effect for a hotter face beyond the center of the club face for more distance and forgiveness.”
—Mike Billingsley Golf Life TV, Fox Sports

“For the past 3 years, I have always said High Heat’s driver and metal woods designed for amateur golfers have the “hottest face” in golf. With its 3-Trampoline Technology Knuth Golf has blown me away with a clubface even HOTTER so amateurs will get virtually the same distance no matter where the ball strikes the clubface!”
—Tim Branco, Publisher N.E. Golf Magazine and GolfGearWeekly.com

“Amateurs on average hit outside the center of the face 50% of the time, which results in a loss of significant distance, fewer greens and higher scores. High Heat 257+ new face technology which adds distance where amateurs need it most for more greens made the ‘best’ clubs for amateur golfers even better.”
—Kay McMahon, LPGA Hall of Fame Teacher of the Year

“Hitting on the toe, heel or center of the face of the High Heat 257+ driver felt great and the distance was same for every shot. You can’t miss. Amazing.”
—Jason Krier, PGA Teaching Pro, PA

“With 257+ golfers’ confidence will go up because they will be able to hit on the toe or heel and still get the consistency of hitting it on the center of the face.”
—Kristopher Hertzsk, PGA Teaching Pro, TN