The ultimate in forgiveness and guaranteed lower scores.

The ENTIRE Clubface


Named "Best" driver, metal woods,  and

technology  for amateur golfers by major

media and teaching pros!

High Heat 257+ Is the Only Brand With A Sweet Spot Across the Whole Face

It was not possible to design a golf club to be completely forgiving under the old 1998 USGA Rule which limited trampoline values to 257 across the face because  trampoline values are always much less outside the center of the face.  

This is why all major brands’ “sweet spots” are always limited to the center of the face,   and amateurs lose so much distance on off-center hits.

With our novel 3-Trampoline Face Technology, our drivers and metal woods  average  266 trampoline values outside the center of the face to provide amateurs with a Sweet Spot                       across the entire face. That is why our High Heat 257+  drivers and metal woods, which are designed for amateurs  and not Tour pros,  provide the same distance across the face that  amateurs need for more Greens In Regulation (“GIRs”) and lower scores.


See video which explains the new 2016 USGA Rule and includes media and teaching pros’ amazement from 257+ providing them the same distance across the face.

Media, Teaching Pro and Customers  Rave How High Heat 257+  Driver and Metal Woods Provide More Distance  With Increased Accuracy For More Fairways and Greens For Lower Scores  With Our  Award Winning  3-Trampoline and  Optimal CG Technologies. 

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How Often Do Amateurs Fall Short Of The Green On Their Metal Wood Approach Shots For A Bogey Or Worse?

Approximately 43-59% of amateurs’ fairway wood and hybrid approach shots land short of the green (see chart of a study of 6 million rounds below), which according to short game guru Dave Pelz results in a bogey or worse 80-90% of the time.

What Is The Ultimate Reason Why Amateurs’ Approach Shots Fall Short Of The Green Approximately 50% of the Time? 

The ultimate reason amateurs are short of the green on their fairway wood and hybrids is because all major  brands’ metal woods use steel faces that have very low trampoline values outside the center of the face. See below.


“High Heat 257+ takes advantage of the new USGA Rule “with its dazzling novel 3 Trampoline Technology for more ball speed in the toe and heel areas in the center of the face as permitted by the USGA 2016 Rule. The ball comes off so hot no matter where you hit it on the face.”  Gary Van Sickle, President of Golf Writers Association of America, Morning Read   

HIGH HEAT 257+ changes the distance game with its unique construction across the face and its results are exhilarating. Most amateurs consistently hit in the toe and heel areas where the faces’ trampoline effect has been consistently low and lose 20-30 yards. So, instead of playing with clubs with historically much lower trampoline effect outside the center of the face, amateurs should buy High Heat with much higher trampoline values permitted by the new USGA Rule.”

Vic Williams, Editor Golf Tips Magazine

Compare those major brands’ low values trampoline values  with High Heat 257+ average 266 trampoline values. Then you will understand why our customers are reaching more greens with our  fairway woods and hybrids for  lower scores without any change to their swing! 

“High Heat 257+ 3 Trampoline Technology is the most significant new technology since the introduction of titanium faces almost 25 years ago, and is why it continues to be the leading brand for amateur golfers.” Tony Leodora, NBC Sports TV, ESPN radio, Golf Styles Magazine.

Independent Media Launch Monitor Test Results of High Heat 257+: Same Distance Across Face And More Greens

Independent Media Test Results: High Heat 257+ Provides Same Distance Across The Face For More Greens


LAU Doug Hoaxing, Ph.D., (insert photo)  conducted this test for Arizona Golfer News. He used a Foresight Quad launch monitor that shows the exact contact point on the club face and resulting ball speed and distance. 

The results determined High Heat 257+’s center and off-center driver and metal woods had about the same distance and their metal woods  on center and off-center hits reached the  same number of greens. Include image of author. CLICK HERE FOR MORE NCH MONITOR TEST RESULTS CONFIRM HIGH HEAT 257+ PERFORMS AS


For added distance, more greens in regulation and lower scores.

Center of Gravity (CG) Placement is Critical for Amateurs

For years, the major brands located their CG close to the face and above the center of the face which is where their Tour pros wanted it to benefit their swing path, swing speed and ability to consistently hit on or near the center of the face. Find out how our clubs give you a significant advantage.

Club Designer Dean Knuth, A Lifetime Inventor And Inventor Of The USGA Course And Slope Rating Systems, Was Named “Top Innovator Of Golf Clubs” By Golf, Inc. Magazine.


In 2015, together with my co-founder Steve Trattner who shares my passion to design clubs for amateur golfers, we launched our first High Heat driver with a much deeper and lower center of gravity than major brands which provided increased accuracy and distance compared to major brands. The next year we produced our metal woods with titanium faces instead of the industry standard steel faces for increased accuracy and distance too.

These differences, as intended, provided amateur golfers more greens in regulation and lower scores and were named the “best” by numerous media and teaching pros. See sample reviews.

And we remain the only brand to take advantage of what the 2016 USGA Rule permits, namely a sweet spot across the entire face for more distance where amateur golfers need it most for more greens in regulation. We knew that this was the greatest opportunity imaginable for us to help amateurs achieve much lower scores, which was all the motivation we needed to invent the 3-Trampoline Face Technology.

I guarantee you will reduce your score and have more fun if you put High Heat 257+ clubs in your bag.