About Us

Knuth Golf, Inc. was formed for the single purpose of developing outstanding high-quality golf clubs that are designed from the ground-up for the amateur in order to improve their performance and enjoyment of the game.

Major brands design golf clubs to optimize the performance of the Tour players who have swing speeds and performance needs that are much higher and different than amateur golfers. Founder, Dean Knuth, believed that he could design golf clubs to optimize the performance of amateurs that would be longer, straighter and more forgiving than the major brands for all amateurs with swing speeds less than the Tour players.

Given these objectives, with Dean Knuth’s historic inventive nature and born out of his nearly 40 years of love for and commitment to amateur golf ( see Dean Knuth's biography), he invented our Optimal CG Game Changer and Fire Zone Face Technologies which are engineered into our 2015 High Heat driver.

As a result of Dean’s inventions, he succeeded in his objectives. Golf Laboratories, the world’s leading independent testing facility, conducted tests which show that High Heat is longer, straighter, and more forgiving than major brands, and Jeff Sheets, an internationally known auditor of golf clubs has certified that High Heat has a deeper and lower CG and a higher MOI than major brands. Based on player testing, golfers also love High Heat’s look and feel, and its sound of power.

Dean’s partner, Stephen Trattner, has been the USGA’s intellectual property attorney where he worked closely with Dean during his 16-year tenure at the USGA. For the past two years, Steve has been instrumental in the development and testing of Dean’s patented and patent pending technology in the High Heat driver.

As with Dean, Steve shares a deep commitment to the game of golf, which stems from his long representation of the USGA and several famous golf resorts, including among others Pebble Beach and Pinehurst.