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I want a free trial of a club different than the ones I have ordered. Please let me know the clubs I can choose from.
I would like to pay for one club I intend to order over 2 months or 2 or more clubs over a 3 month period.
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We will contact you after we receive your order and propose another club for your consideration. With respect to the payment over 3 months, when you place your order the full amount of your purchase will appear on the confirmation of the order you will receive and there will not be any reference to the spreading out of the payments. However, we do not process your credit card for full or even partial payment until we finalize your order. We will change the terms of payment if you request it, and notify you of the same. There is no interest charge.
Thank you for your consideration of our golf clubs, and we look forward to your order.
Kind regards,
Steve Trattner

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