Center of Gravity (CG) Placement is Critical for Amateurs

Golf Inc. Magazine named High Heat's designer Dean Knuth, the "Top Innovator of Golf Clubs"

Three years ago, our company took the industry by storm with the introduction of the High Heat driver, which is designed to optimize the performance of amateur golfers and not the Tour pros. Our driver's CG was below the center of the face and 18% lower and 25% deeper than the average major brand's drivers CG location which was above the center of the face, and approximately 45 mm from the back of the face instead of on average 36 mm from the back of the face.

Major brands located their CG above the center of the face which is where the Tour pros like it because they consistently hit it high on the face. But amateur golfers need a CG that is below the center of the face because that is where they hit it most of the time, and if hit below the CG, there is a significant loss of distance.

In naming “High Heat’s 18% lower and 25% deeper CG as having the most significant technological innovation of any golf club, and the best driver, Gary Van Sickle, of Sports Illustrated and Golf.com stated " you do not need a physics degree to know that by lowering the center of gravity below the center of the face, a flock of previously mis-hit shots turn into sweet-spot drives. This is a potential game changer for amateur golfers and an advantage compared to playing with major brands.”

Major brands' CG are located close to face because that optimizes the performance of Tour pros with 114+ swing speeds. But amateur golfers need a much deeper CG because it increases the club's Moment of Inertia ("MOI") so that off center hits twist less and therefore there is a reduced loss of distance. In addition, a higher MOI reduces the amount of dispersion with an increase in the amount of accuracy. See below.

High Heat's 257+ driver and metal woods preserve this same award winning lower and deeper CG but improve its performance on toe and heel hits with its 3-trampoline technology for improved performance for amateur golfers. With the addition of the 3-trampoline technology the "best" driver and metal woods for amateurs are now even better.