Golf Media, Golf Instructors and Golfers have given High Heat rave reviews.
"The New Face of Golf"
John Reger Jr., NBC Sports Talk/Briefcase Golf
"You are going to have to wrestle it from my hands. High Heat made me feel like a pro. I just walked up and hit 8 tee shots and every one of them went right down the middle. Normally I have a bit of a fade, but not with this. Every ball, nice and high, nice and long and straight as an arrow."
-Mike Stinton, Golf Channel and Golfing Magazine, YouTube
"High Heat is the most significant technological innovation from this year's PGA Merchandise Show and arguably the most exciting new club in a year... You don't need a physics degree to see how big Knuth's relocated CG is. By lowering the center of gravity, a flock of previously mis-hit shots turn into sweet-spot drives. Its a potential game changer for amateurs. Just so you know… I've already got my order in."
-Gary Van Sickle, January, 2015 See full article.

"If you want extra distance and increased accuracy then High Heat is a great choice. Dean's Design is pure genius."
-Sean "The Beast" Fister, Three-time World Long Drive Champion, World Long Drive Hall of Famer and golf instructor
"Is Knuth Golf's High Heat the Best Driver Ever? It outperforms the big brands in every way-except marketing."
-Jon Rizzi, Colorado Avid Golfer See review for visual proof of High Heat's amazing forgiveness.

"This is the straightest golf driver I have ever hit. It is longer too."
-Ed Travis, New England, See full review.
"Top new driver for women at 2015 PGA Show."
-Women's Golf Alliance
"I'm still using my High Heat and I love it. It is straight and long."
-Tod Leonard, Golf Editor, San Diego Union Tribune
"The buzz last year came mostly from the fact that with its 25% deeper and 18% lower CG Knuth Golf's High Heat driver immediately could add yards (the company claims between 5 and 30 yards, approximately) to an amateur's game, but also was known to be more forgiving on mis-hits, and increased driving accuracy also became a staple of the High Heat product. Knuth Golf's new High Heat fairway woods and hybrids follow these [same principles], but feature titanium faces, rather than the more common steel faces typically found in these types of clubs."



"I have never hit the ball as long or as straight as with High Heat and the spin rate is 500 rpm lower. Great driver that is staying in my bag."

-Ed Gowan, Executive Director, Arizona Golf Association

"Your driver is awesome. I am hitting my High Heat driver farther which put me in better position for the following shots. Sunday I shot 79, which was my best score at my club. Further, my wife, fell in love with the club and shot a few strokes better than her average so I ordered one for her."
-Charlie Davison, Director, Southern California Golf Association.

"I absolutely love it. The sweet spot is massive. It's almost impossible to miss hit. Just amazing."
-Jeremy Ross, Virginia

"Wow, the ball jumps off the face." Wow. Extra yards all day long."
-Tony Monagas, Washington

"Proof of High Heat's performance is my Index has dropped from 10.3 to 7.6 in two months."
-Mike Daugherty, Virginia

"High Heat is the best driver I have ever hit. The ball goes straighter and longer and increased my enjoyment of the game."
-Admiral Bud Edney (Former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO) California

"I love my High Heat. My Index has dropped from 12.7 to 7.5 since I got HH."
-John Parker, California

"As a 60 year old physician I found I was losing distance off the tee despite trying all major brands and shafts. High Heat has added yards and has also increased my accuracy. This driver is phenomenal."
-Dr. Chris Williams, New York

"The wow comes from the distance and ball flight. I was able to hit a very high long draw. The ball came off the face like a bullet. I hit several drives in the 265 range and was able to out drive my buddy who loves to put it past me. What an amazing club."
-Ed Brzezowsk, Pennsylvania.

"I am 72 years old. High Heat is spectacular: longer and always straight where I aimed it!! Handicap index dropped from 15.0 to 13.2 on 6/15, and from 13.2 to 11.8 on 7/1. Then I shot 74, my lowest in score in many years. I fully expect my index to drop another 1.5 strokes."
-Tom Starr, North Carolina

"I love my new High Heat. This is the first club that actually does as promised. My misses have been low on the face and high on the toe and both are fine now. It also improves your confidence to go after a fuller swing."
-Jeff Glos, Ohio

"High Heat is a winner. My brother and I played your driver in the Ark. Four Ball and made it to our flight finals for the first time. We both drove the ball farther and better than the previous five times we played. What made this so amazing is that we only had the clubs two weeks."
-Stan Halter, Arkansas.

"The club is so forgiving. I thought I was hitting the sweet spot pretty consistently, but after looking at the face on the High Heat found that not to be true at all, and yet, it'd pretty much find the fairway. Amazing!"
- Patty Crigler

"Driver received, and it was worth the wait. Good shots better and bad shots not as bad. It took a while to not align for a fade, hitting straight is a whole new concept. Thanks."
-Kevin Henry, California

"High Heat is the first driver I've ever bought where I could see an immediate and significant improvement in distance, accuracy and roll. I like it so much that I ordered two more, one for my "travel bag" and another for my second home."
-Mitchell Kertzman, Montana

"I'm hitting High Heat farther. But even better is that I can almost guarantee that I'm going to be in the fairway. This game is so much more fun when I can do that."
-Justino Dizon, California

"Used the driver in my first tournament of the year. Took third net. It was pretty funny because out of the first three holes (best ball), I went birdie, par, par and one guy threatened to call a course official to rerate me on the spot because he said no way I was a 16. One drive measured 270. I don't think I ever hit something 270."
-Raymond Royce, Alaska

"Love the look and feel. It performed as advertised. I hit 25 balls with the High Heat driver. 22 balls were straight, high and longer. The near 90% success rate was well in excess of the 40 to 50% success I have experienced with my other driver."
-Paul Taylor, Canada

"Your driver is the most comfortable and easy to hit driver I have ever had. Not only is it easy to look at when you are lining up, I have great confidence where the ball is going. It is incredible."
-Frank Courtney, South Carolina.

"I love my high heat! I had my doubts but this thing is awesome. Honestly, I hope they put this thing in my casket when I die so I can take it with me."
-Weston Lucas, Texas.

"Can't tell you how happy I am with my new high heat driver. I've never been a long hitter but what a nice change being able to go for the green in 2 on occasion. Best driver I've ever hit!"
-Ron Dann, Ontario Canada.

"There is no doubt High Heat is the worthy winner of acclaim from the 2015 PGA Show. The club is absolutely beautiful and clearly hits longer and CONSISTENTLY straighter. The ball jumps off the face!"
-Tami Timperio, North Carolina

"I am 67 years old and I am currently a 16.5 index. I think the driver is absolutely terrific. I have added yards and my drives are straighter. For me, the driver is a real confidence booster. I think the driver is fantastic."
-David Jatlow, Florida

"I consider High Heat to be best driver I have ever owned. Over time, I have owned every popular name brand driver searching for the "right one" and they just don't measure up. I played my second round with it last Saturday and hit 13 fairways. I have never done that AND my swing didn't change overnight."
-Don Smiley, Wisconsin

"Thank you for this great piece of golf technology. I have never hit a driver more consistently. I rarely miss the fairway now and it has become the strongest part of my game."
-Dr. Hani El-Gabalawy, Canada