Knuth Golf hired Golf Laboratories to conduct a comparison of High Heat against the Major Brands because it is the largest and most respected independent golf club testing company in the world. It has been used by Golf Digest, Golf magazine, the PGA Tour and large major brand companies, and their equipment has been shipped around the world for special testing events.

Golf Labs uses a robotic testing machine that is considered to be the most reliable ever built, and its test results are considered to be the most objective of any company. One of the reasons for that earned reputation is that it has adopted protocols to “normalize” the data. This means that it eliminates any bias in the data during the testing of drivers based on changes of weather during the day or any differences in the landing conditions that could favor one driver’s test results over the other.

On October 29, 2014 on a clear and relatively calm day in the San Diego area, Golf Labs tested the High Heat driver and Major Brands on its range using their precision robotic tester set at 95 mph.

High Heat’s submission, identified as D-12 on the hosel, was marked 10.5 loft on the sole and was shafted with a Fujikura Pro 853 Stiff flex 53 gram shaft. It was tested against the Major Brands’ 10.5 lofts with their standard Stiff flex shafts. The testing was conducted against TaylorMade SLDR, Ping G30, Titleist 915 D2, Callaway Big Bertha Alpha, and Nike Covert 2.0.

Golf Labs’ test used its standard 5 point test which provides total distance and dispersion from the center line on center and four off-center hits based on hitting six balls at each of those 5 points. The four off-center hit locations are located ½” above and below the center of each driver’s face; and ¾” to the right and to left of center. Golf Labs also used new Titleist NXT golf balls.

Golf Labs’ test results showed that High Heat’s total distance on center and off-center hits toward the center line was the longest, its total dispersion was the lowest and it had the most forgiveness than any of the Major Brands with one partial exception. The only exception was Callaway’s Big Bertha Alpha total distance toward the center line on center hits was the longest but High Heat’s total distance toward the center line for off-center hits was longer than Callaway’s Big Bertha Alpha and High Heat’s total dispersion on center and off-center hits was lower than Big Bertha Alpha.